A rare night away.

Being a parent of a child with special needs can be exhausting.
Sometimes we need a break.
Time off from our parental duties.
Time off from being switched on and alert 24/7.
Time off from being in control.

The thing is we can’t just wake up and decide we are going on a night out.
We can’t get a phone call inviting us to a party tonight, and say we will be there
We cannot JUST get a babysitter.
We cannot just have any babysitter.

We rely solely on people who know our family.
Finding a babysitter feels like an impossible task.
To find someone who ‘gets it’, who understands.
To find someone who is patient but will not be controlled.

And then it is the going out.
We are just too exhausted.
We have very little social life because we cant get out.
We have very few friends that understand what we go through and don’t mind the special needs is the thing we talk about the most!
And we have very little money because it is hard for me to get a job because there is very little special needs childcare.

Last night myself and my husband got treated to a night away.
Not just us, a large group of people.
Not just people, special needs parents/carers.
People who really need…..deserve…..the break.
People who, like us, sacrifice our own well being and health needs to be care givers to our children.

We are so grateful to have been invited.
So grateful to have found a wonderful childminder who could have my girl overnight.
So grateful my dad could have my boy.
So, so grateful that funding is avaliable out there to help parents/carers like us.


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