Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Our Autism!

My girl is always so excited about Halloween!
Every year it takes me by complete suprise as I have never really been fond of celebrating it so I don’t make a fuss.

Although she loves it, it is not stress free!
Coupled today with being the first day back at school, it has been a day of high anxiety.
A day of needing to be in complete control, and biting.
We had 2 weeks of no biting but today it is back.

The costumes are always of major concern.
Is the material going to irritate so much it causes distress? Is it too itchy? Too hard? Too soft? Not right?
We always order a larger size so it fits over regular clothes to avoid meltdowns.
I can never choose a costume for her.
My girl is extremely picky and not at all girly!
This year she chose to be a skeleton ninja!

We went trick or treating.
Something I never thought my girl would cope with…….something I couldn’t cope with!
I worry about the sensory differences, but more so about social appropriateness.
My girl will talk to anybody, go into anyones house, look through anyones window.
I worry for her safety.
Of course, I go with her, so that wouldn’t happen but there is always that ‘what if’.

She coped extremely well.
She actually completely suprised me by telling  me when she had had enough and so we went home with no fights.

Happy Halloween from a proud Our Autism Mum.


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