From child with Autism to adult with Autism.

Did you know that children cannot grow out of Autism?
Autism is a lifelong condition, children with Autism become adults with Autism.

It is a common Autism myth that children can ‘recover’; get better.
Autism is a permanent and incurable condition.

Early intervention is the key to help children learn life skills and coping mechanisms that will equip them for life in education and adult life.
In turn children learn coping strategies that may make them appear to be managing.
Make them appear not to have Autism.
Make them appear to be cured.

The earlier the intervention starts, the better.
Many children miss out as diagnosis of Autism is not made until they are older.
Waiting lists to access the diagnostic pathways are long.
Health professionals are reluctant to diagnose young children for fear of labelling them too early.

My girl was diagnosed at 5.
We were lucky to get her diagnosed that young.
At age 2 she was flagged as having difficulties in speech, physical and social skills and we were told to “watch and wait”.
We were told she had Global Development Delay, she had Dyspraxia,  that Autism was unlikely at that stage as she was a girl.

With the diagnosis came the belief that Autism became easier (as parents) to manage as the child gets older.
We have found this not to be the case, the challenges are increased. The behaviours are harder to manage.
Hormones and Autism…..needs no explaining!

Children with Autism become Adults with Autism.
Some may learn to cope independantly, managing a home, job and family.
Some may never become independant and rely on help with daily care.
Although complete opposite ends of the spectrum, they both still have Autism.

My girls diagnosis reads “Childhood Autism”.
So misleading.
A diagnosis with some hope…..
…..not hope, I wouldn’t ever wish the Autism was gone, it is part of my girl.
Hope is the wrong word for me to use, but for many it could be the right one.


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