This isn’t the first time this has happened.
It has got me thinking….
…..why doesn’t anyone ask about Autism?

I was chatting to a lady on the checkout.
She asked what I planned for the day.
I replied “not alot as I am tired.”
I told her that I have a child with Autism who doesn’t sleep a great deal.
First I get the “sorry to hear that,” then “how do you cope with so little sleep?”.

I was hurt by the “sorry to hear that” comment.
Autism is not her fault.
Autism is not my fault.
Autism just is.

Then I began to replay conversations with other people and I realised.
No one ever asks how we cope with Autism.

Why is that?
Lack of awareness?
Lack of understanding?
Social awkwardness?

I find it strange.

I want…..need… talk about Autism.
I do talk about Autism all the time.
I didn’t used to.
Before my daughter had Autism I had only ever heard of it.
I had no understanding of it.
No awareness.
I would have been that lady on the checkout.
Avoiding the Autism.

I wouldn’t have asked about Autism because I didn’t know anything about it.

It shouldn’t be a taboo subject or something that people are scared to talk about.
It shouldn’t be a topic we avoid.
It shouldn’t be something that is pityed.
In a growing population of people being diagnosed it should be something we can talk about freely.
Something we feel comfortable to ask about.

I was once that lady.
I was once too scared to ask.

If there was ever a need for Autism Awareness, this is it.


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