The smile makes it worthwhile.

So the word of the day is Trump.
(Much to the amusement of my children).

I am going to compare the result to Autism
(Which coincidently Trump thinks is caused by vaccines!)

Autism was something I never thought about….
like Trump.
Autism was something I never expected….
like Trump.
Autism was not my choice….
like Trump.
Autism is now what we live under daily….
like Trump.
Autism has really bad days….
like Trump.
Autism needs to be in control….
like Trump.

We learn to deal with and live with Autism.
We do what we can to try and understand it.
Autism wasn’t my choice but I can’t change it…..I don’t want to.
I can’t fight it, I have to change my life to accomodate it.
I accomodate it so we can lead a happy life.
I want to be happy to make my girl and our family happy.

Just like Trump, we can’t change it.
We can cry and cry but our tears don’t wash away what has been decided for us.

We learn to live with it.
We learn to appreciate it.
We learn that what we always thought was bad, can actually turn out to be great.

To all live together in peace.
Under the same sun.
That should be our aim.

Change can be hard. For everyone.
Embrace difference……
Accept what is.
It won’t be easy, nothing is easy.

His name is Trump.
That, today, has made my children giggle.
That, today, has made me smile.
That is what I wake up for every morning.
The smile makes it worthwhile.


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