Does Autism get worse?

Does Autism get worse as the child gets older?
I am not sure if I am asking a question, or giving the answer.

I ask because my girls behaviours seem to be increasing.
I answer because I can definately see the autistic traits now more than I ever could.

I went through a stage of doubting her Autism.
Denial I suppose.
I was blaming myself, telling myself that I was never strict enough, that I let her get away with too much.
But now the differences are there for all to see.
No longer subtle things that only I could notice.
No longer smaller things I could put down to her young age.

Maybe that’s it.
Her age.
Now she is 9, the behaviours are not age appropriate.
Therefore it looks as though the Autism is worsening?
Now that she is almost as tall as me, I can’t pick her up and move her away from a situation.
We have to let passers by see because I can no longer hide it.

It feels like it is getting worse.
But is it?
Is it just because I am so exhausted or because I am getting older that everything seems so much harder?
Has the 9 years of sleep deprivation taken the fight I had left?
School? Anxiety? Hormones? Puberty?
One of the above……all of the above?

Autism is a life long condition.
It cannot be cured.
A person with Autism can learn to cope with different situations, can begin to understand their own triggers.
A carer can’t. We have never experienced Autism the way they have.
We can only suggest coping mechanisms that we think may help.
Maybe that is it. Have I exhausted all the ideas I had?

Autism is never going to be easy.
Both for the person who has it and the carers.
It must be like 2 different people, speaking 2 different languages, both living different cultures, trying to decide on what to do for the day.
Communication minimal. Lack of understanding.

Does it get worse?
I don’t know.
It certainly feels like it some days.

Each person with Autism is different.
Each person is following a different path.
The challenges faced certainly change.

2 thoughts on “Does Autism get worse?

  1. Since autism is just a word to describe a difference of neurology it can’t technically get worse. But like you say, what once might have been seen as age appropriate then changes to different and not accepted so it seems more obvious. Autistic people also learn to manage certain traits so it seems to ‘get better’ but then puberty hits and changes occur and it’s harder to control certain behaviours. Then the person learns more ways to manage as they age and some mask so it seems like their autism is getting better. I know some autistics have said that it gets harder to manage their sensory issues as they get older so they start to appear more autistic too. Also, some days are easier to cope with than others, some days I can barely speak and others I hardly shut up, I’m sure to some it seems like my autism is worse/better, but really it’s my stress levels or anxiety levels or energy levels that have really changed, it just impacts how I behave and so impacts how I appear. Hope this helps.

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