Always a rainbow…

After what has been a really hard few days I was looking for something positive to share.
Something positive about Autism.
Something that would make these last few days seem worth it.

I thought for a while.
It is so hard to think of something positive when you are stuck in a negative frame of mind.

Then I realised.
It is ALL positive.

The behaviours aren’t always acceptable, the sleepless nights aren’t what I want, the frustration, shouting and screaming are not what I need but….
….it is all communication.

These past few days my girl has been trying to tell me something isn’t quite right.
Something is upsetting her.
Something is happening that she cannot cope with.

She is communicating.
Not in a way that I would like her to do, but she is trying.
She is trying to communicate with me, and that is what we are striving for.

So my hard days aren’t that bad afterall.
Hers have been much worse.

My girl is communicating.
That can only be a positive thing.

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