Celebrate being you.

I have posted this before but the message is something we need to promote.

Celebrate being you.

I like coffee,
You like tea,
That makes us different,
Can’t you see?

My hair is curly
Yours is straight,
That makes us different,
Can you relate?

I drive a car,
You ride a bus,
That makes us different,
Can we discuss?

We all do things different,
No 2 of us the same,
So why are my girls’ differences,
Looked at in shame?

I paint my toes,
You bite you nails,
That makes us different,
Have we failed?

Have we failed our children,
Our differences forgot,
They need to be celebrated,
But celebrated, they’re not.

My girl spins and flaps,
I walk in a straight line,
People laugh at her behaviour,
My girl laughs at mine.

When shes anxious and stressed
Laying down on the floor
We get tuts, we get stares
…I have been here before.

She’s not being difficult
She just copes different from us
To her it is normal,
Why isnt it to us?

Whilst you shout at your children,
I whisper at mine,
I say we’re all different
And those who matter, dont mind.


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