Autism and change are two things that don’t go well together.
Change has to be introduced slowly.
Visual timetables, photographs, lists….

But what do you do if something happens completely out of your control?

What do you do if it happens when routine is even more important in times of great stress (Christmas)?

What do you do if you have made a meal plan, your child is looking forward to that meal, you’ve prepared that meal….

…..then dropped it all over the floor!

Chaos! Meltdown!

Unexpected changes are often the most difficult to cope with.

Luckily, after an initial 5 minute shock and horror at what I had done, I managed to convince her that Ice cream would fix it!
(After I threw something together super quick for tea!)

Nevermind. I didn’t fancy spaghetti bolognaise anyway!
Toast for me and my husband!

The most annoying part though is that it is the only meal I can cook for us all which doesn’t involve cooking chicken dippers and all things beige!

…but Phew!
I thought it was going to be alot worse!


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