Christmas goodnight.

When the children are all tucked up in their beds,
With visions of Santa around their sweet heads,
The parents are rushing around finding their presents,
Emptying cupboards of all of their contents,
Whilst ‘Our Autism’ Mum is checking her list,
To make sure that there is nothing she’s missed:
Her girl knows she’ll get presents, she’s got chicken dippers,
There are no great suprises, and no fluffy slippers,
Father Christmas is only allowed in one room,
Arriving only when her girl sees the moon,
There are no stockings hung on her bed,
We’ve asked him to leave gifts downstairs instead,
Mum’s sent him a note so she doesn’t get scared,
That there’ll be no presents if shes awake in her bed,
Mum’s wrapped all the presents as loose as she can,
To reduce the noise and help her sore hands,
Breakfast will be ready if she needs to eat,
It is not to be forgotten we have routine to keep,
The room will be kept as clear as can be,
The presents are piled next to the Christmas tree,
They have finished the countdown of how many sleeps,
Now they are fast asleep under the sheets,
All tucked up warm waiting for Santa to come,
Mum eats the mince pie, Dad drinks the rum,
‘Our Autism Mum’ turns off all the lights,
And wishes you all a Merry Christmas, goodnight.

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