Perfect day.

Christmas this year has been a success!
My girl may not have slept for 3 nights before the big day but it went well!
No meltdowns all day…..None!!!

Christmas this year was a ‘know everything’ event for my girl.
She knew almost all of her presents.
She did have a few suprises but she knew they would be along the Pokémon theme!
She was so happy with all her gifts. I think we may own almost all Pokémon merchandise ever made!

She knew exactly what we would be eating and what time.
My girl was involved in preparing the Christmas dinner and has chosen what vegetables that we had.
Chicken dippers made an appearance amongst the festive veg!

She knew exactly what times visitors were arriving, and who was coming at each time.
No anxiety when there was a knock at the door.
No bolting in a room full of people.

I don’t think I can pinpoint exactly what we did that made it easier for her.
Maybe it wasn’t anything we did.
Perhaps my girl is just growing up.

Merry Christmas.
I can’t believe it is over for another year.

Here’s hoping for more than a few hours sleep a night now Santa has been!
…..until she realises it is only a week until she is back to school! (Ssshhh!)

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