Happy New Year!

We don’t go out and celebrate New Year.
We don’t stay in and get drunk.
We don’t really celebrate the New Year at all.

My girl doesn’t understand the concept of the New Year.
She said “it will still be tomorrow, tomorrow”, and she is right.

We will try and stay up until midnight to bring in the New Year, but when you have as little sleep as us, you try and get it whilst you can!
We will still be ready for bed at 10pm after my cup of tea and catch up tv!

Tonight is just another night and tomorrow is just another day.
Don’t wait for the end of a year to improve your life.
Life is far too short to wait for things to happen.
Make your life exactly what you want it to be everyday.

Don’t make resolutions you are unable to keep.
Be happy, be healthy, be you.
Don’t make a goal based on what is expected of you.
Autism has taught me lots of things, but the most useful has been to accept who you are because people judge whatever you may be.

I will continue to promote Autism Awareness and Acceptance into 2017 and beyond.

Happy New Year to you all.


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