Our long term struggle to get my girl into school on time continues.
Every morning watching, waiting for her to flip that switch and be willing to get ready for school.
It is a battle every single morning.
No matter how prepared I am for it, it is exhausting.

My girl is struggling this year.
She is finding the work too difficult.
She is capable of doing it, but there is just so much of it.
So much to take in, to process.
Too many instructions, not enough time for her to make sense of them.
No matter how much we prepare her, it is exhausting for her.

Today she got the job of a librarian at school.
She is over the moon.
I wanted to hug her, praise her, but she hid the badge and told me to stop talking about it.
I knew though, from that glint in her eye, that it made her day.

To be given that bit of trust, that push into independance, that responsibility.
She craves to be like everyone else.
She needed a job to prove herself.
My girl is very controlling and likes to be in charge.
She needed a role to assert those emotions in school.
At the moment they stay tucked away until she reaches the car at hometime.

She has been so happy this evening.
It has been a joy to watch her just being my girl.
No anxieties on show, just giggling and laughing.

The smiles have more than made up for a difficult morning.


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