My girl has the most amazingly thick and glossy hair.
It is beautiful.
It is hard work!

Today was haircut day.
Through shouts of “Get off my hair, Stop touching me,” her spinning around on the chair and throwing the gown over her head, the hairdresser somehow managed to give it a trim!

Anything hair related is very traumatic for my girl.
It is so long and brushing hurts!
Not because I am heavy handed, but because it is so knotty!
It is so knotty because she will not allow me to wash it properly, use anything other than baby shampoo, use conditioner or brush more than ‘3 strokes’ every morning.
Under the shiny exterior lies a layer of matted knots!

She wants to keep her hair long but does not understand the need for me to manage it appropriately.
She has massive sensory difficulties with touch.
She cannot bear to be touched.
Whether it is painful, overwhelming, or a sensation she cannot understand, she cannot tolerate it.

With the promise of a McDonalds tea, we got through it!
My girl sat until the end, the most patient hairdresser ever got through her hair at the speed of sound, and we didn’t even have any episodes of my girl locking herself in the toilet!
Haircut. Done.
….until next time!


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