Cuddly Creations.

There is this little shop full of my girls dreams.
There is this little shop full of everything my girl wants.
Today we visited that little shop and my girl said it was “the best day ever”.

There is a little shop in Truro called Cuddly Creations Teddy Factory.
Neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, away from the crowds of shoppers.

Cuddly creations is a shop where you can build your own soft toy.
My girls first love is soft toys, I am not sure how many she owns, but I am pretty sure it is well over 500!
As a treat for her upcoming birthday, we visited Cuddly Creations so my girl could choose, and make, her birthday present…..
….she was in her element!

We had had a sneaky look at the website first to browse the selection of teddies avaliable as choosing can be a very difficult task for my girl, especially when faced with a great variety of things that she loves. Obviously she would love to rehome them all!
She had her heart set on one in particular; a duck!

Normally I would shy away from taking my girl into a teddy making shop due to them being busy, noisy, and offering too much choice.
This shop was different.
Different because the owner made allowances for my girls additional needs and made the experience so much easier for her.

I had made contact with the owner through her facebook page and explained we were coming, asking when would be the quietest time to visit due my girls Autism.
(I also checked she had the duck in stock, just incase!)
She very kindly offered to close the shop whilst we were there.

We arrived this morning, said our hellos, and true to her word she closed the shop……and we took over!
The lady was very patient waiting for my girl to choose her toy… pressure whatsoever.
She talked my girl through the whole process and my girl coped extremely well.
Even when faced with the bear stuffing machine noise my girl just asked us to put our hands over her ears! No bolting, no dropping to the floor… meltdown!

The whole experience was fantastic.
We may have come out with more than 1 teddy, (5!!) but the smile on my girls face made it worthwhile.

It is amazing when you find someone who understands Autism and will go out of their way to help.
That lady made my girls day and proved to me that there are people out there willing to help, willing to understand and willing to adapt.

The days I feel like nothing is going right and that no one understands, I will remember today to remind myself that there is always someone out there who can put a smile on both of our faces.

Today was a good day.

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