My girl is 10!

10 years ago I was blessed with my girl,
After 5 hours of labour she entered the world,
With 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes,
A tuft of brown hair and a cute button nose.

I looked down at my baby and all I could see,
Was a picture of perfection looking back at me,
I thought of her growing and looked into the future,
I thought of all of the things I needed to teach her.

I wanted to be the best Mum that I could,
I wanted to give her the best childhood,
My heart was so full of love and of laughter,
I thought we would live happily ever after.

5 years into her life my girl was diagnosed with Autism,
A word that meant she had a lifelong condition,
I was scared, I was anxious, what would it mean,
Would my girl still be able to fulfill her dreams?

My head full of fear, my heart full of dread,
My eyes sore from all of the tears I shed,
I gave her a hug and breathed in my girl,
Looked into her eyes, promised to take on the world.

I promised that I would always be there,
That I would make all of our friends Autism aware,
That I wouldn’t forget that my little girl,
Was still as perfect as the day she entered the world.

It’s her birthday today, my girl is now 10,
I am as proud of her now as I was back then,
My heart is so full of love and of laughter,
And we are living our happily ever after.


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