Poor bird.

When my Mums pet budgie died on Monday I felt a worry deep within me.
My girl loved that bird.
Everytime we went to visit Nana, the first thing my girl did was get it out of the cage.
He would sit on her arm, have a little fly, and then come back and sit her head.
They both seemed happy like that.
Both enjoying each others company.
Both content and relaxed with each other.

When I broke the news that Charlie Chilli had died I didn’t get a response from my girl other than her saying “oh”.
I was expecting tears or a glimmer of something, but there was nothing.
She just carried on what she was doing.
Like many children with Autism, my girl has little understanding about what death really means.
She likes to gather together all the facts of how, when, and why…..and then just stores all the information away.

Later I told her that my Mum had buried the bird in the garden.
Silence for a few minutes, and then anger.
She wants him in his cage. She didn’t understand why he isn’t allowed to stay in his cage.
It broke my heart as I had to tell her Charlie Chilli was never coming back.
She moved on. No emotion. No sadness.
My tears were enough for us both.
Tears because although I wanted, needed, her to know that Charlie Chilli had gone, I wanted to keep it secret.
I didn’t want her to hurt.

Today my Mum has got a new bird.
My girl is over the moon.
It is a different colour which my girl says is good because Charlie Chilli won’t feel like he is replaced and he doesn’t have to be called Charlie Chilli again.
Infact the new bird is yellow which is great as when talking about my mum getting a new one she really wanted her to get a yellow one.


The best news ever for my girl?
The best news ever for my Pokémon obsessed girl?
My Mum has named the bird Pikachu!
I have never seen a smile like it!
It lit up her whole face and made her ‘nose burn’!
A super happy girl this evening!
A super happy girl who cannot wait to meet her new little friend, Pikachu.

RIP Charlie Chilli.
My girl will miss you. X

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