Not so wise words.

Autism is not because I’m a bad Mum,
“That Kid” doesn’t need “a smack on the bum”,
That child is not being a “brat”,
I’m not just letting them “be like that”,
Autism isn’t just “bad behaviour”,
Your ‘helpful’ comments aren’t doing me a favour,
They won’t be cured from “a week in your care”,
…..Mention the MMR if you dare,
Yes they’ve got it right even though the child can speak,
Them having a meltdown doesn’t make them “a freak”,
It can still be Autism if they look you in the eye,
My child is even able to tell a lie,
“In your day” they probably did have Autism,
No I don’t think it is a “made up condition”,
“It’s not Autism, they socialise well”,
“They look so normal I couldn’t tell”,
Don’t ask me about their “special gift”,
Or tell me about “cures” you think exist,
No they won’t “ever grow out of it”,
No, I know “they don’t look Autistic”.


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