Change ahead?

Change is something my girl fears the most.
Infact it is a major problem for most people with Autism.
It is a very real fear, a fear of losing control.
If things stay the same, stay predictable, then anxieties are greatly reduced.

Change is what we, as parents, strive for.
Everything we fight for results in change.
In order for our child to grow up in an unpredictable world, we need to introduce change on a daily basis.

It seems crazy to inflict such a difficulty when you know a meltdown will be the result.

Things have to change.
I spend my days spreading Autism Awareness to change peoples perceptions.
Without it, everything would stay the same.
The biggest difficulty is realising that my girl does not cope well with change, but having to do it anyway.

My girl is deeply affected by change.
She becomes very anxious, and lashes out.
Whilst not acceptable, I fully understand her reasons. I am challenging her safe and comfortable world.

The change that bothers my girl the most is the transition from home to school.
A journey from a place she sees as safe and secure, to a loud, stressful, unpredictable environment.

Myself and my husband are starting a big journey.
One that will bring about enormous change. A neccessary change.
We are going to review her school allocation.
Mainstream isn’t working well for her at the moment.
Whilst we are scared of the outcome, it is something we will fight for in hope that, in the long-run, it will be a change worth introducing.

My girl likes the idea but I wonder if she realises what it will really mean.

Time will tell.


One thought on “Change ahead?

  1. You aren’t alone in this journey , I am listening I myself have a little girl she is 7 years old she is currently in the AMAC school for autism my journey began when I received that phone call that every parent dreading to here those word your child has been diagnosed with a condition Called autism with spectrum disability, I wanted to scream cry , run , bang , hit and ask god way her. But the I say why not her she is special and she will over come this , I am a nurse so I seen it plenty of time , but not my own , I wish you all the Best and I am a text away if you need to speak and guidance or a ear to listen
    You are doing everything possible for her yet change is a very big fear yes you are correct , Tammy hate changes , it a challenge really with everything but little by little, I am her guidance to understanding, god bless you and your little one


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