Almost 5 years.

I sat thinking today about my girls diagnosis.
It is almost 5 years since we had the call.
The call that I thought would change our lives forever.

I thought that when my girl received a formal diagnosis of Autism that everything would be different.
I thought the stares and comments about behaviour would stop.
I thought the judgement of my parenting would stop.
I thought help and support would come rolling in.
I thought I would no longer be alone.

Nothing changed.
I was thrown into a tornado of questions and didn’t know how to get out.
I was given a book about ‘what happens next’ and left with a diagnosis and a child I was still beginning to understand.

5 years is a long time.
The biggest change has been to me.
I have gone from this quiet, ‘agree to everything Mum’, to a ‘pro active fight for everything Mum’.
Because there isn’t anyone else who can do it for you.
There isn’t anyone who knows your child more than you.

I thought diagnosis would open the doors for help and support that I needed.
I didn’t get that.
What I did get was help and support from other parents in the same situation.
Parents who know and understand.

I am no longer alone.

If I have learnt one thing since diagnosis it is to seek help from parent led support groups, parents of children who are in the same boat.

Accept the help. Listen to the advice.
5 years down the line you could be that parent a newly diagnosed family rely on.


3 thoughts on “Almost 5 years.

  1. It doesn’t end here , I been through the same roller coasters when I got my phone call of my daughter being diagnosed with autism on spectrum , it the day that change my life , but it changed for the better , it been a difficult journey and really draining but it all worth it she is 7 now , the battle we face as parents with children with this disability is a real wake up call , I had gotten depressed by it asking why my Tammy but I took all the negatives and put it into a positive
    God bless you we are one tough parent It will get better I promise you , my daughter from severely autistic at 34 month she is now highly functioning, I started giving her this gummy fish from
    Amway is for the brain DHEA I am a nurse and my boss is a physician Korean Physician and they were the one that introduce this vitamins to me it made my daughter better and change a lot everyone is different but I guarantee you it help a lot it help me and she has done a tremendous progress with it.
    I have shared this story to other to her teacher and OT , she currently goes to the AMAC school and it been a amazing
    God bless you and feel free to contact me with any question

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