Support Groups.

When what’s holding you together is paper and string,
When you’re stretched to the limit, your patience worn thin,
When you’re asking and asking for things to be done,
When your crying out for help and still getting none,
When you’ve had a bad day and have nowhere to turn,
When behaviours are bad, you’ve had to be stern,
When you feel like you’ve been the worst parent today,
When you’re so overwhelmed, you’ve got nothing to say,
When you realise its not help from professionals you need,
Or the pages of information they tell you to read,
When you open your eyes and look closer to home,
You will see friends that are there, to drink coffee and moan,
Friends who have children with needs just like yours,
Groups that just chat, not searching for cures,
When the world feels like its going to swallow you whole,
Find a support group, make that your goal,
If I hadn’t done that, I don’t know where I would be,
I’d be drowning in questions in this Special needs sea.
When you realise you are on a long winding road,
You need to be able to sit, talk and offload.
The journey we are on is varied and long,
But if we do this together, as a group, we’ll be strong.


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