Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange?

You go to a meeting at your childs school ready to tell them how they are struggling.
You go armed with evidence to suggest that things just aren’t working.
You enter with reams of paperwork describing how the conditions they have affect them.
You are ready to state chapter and verse about the difficulties….

……and then they tell you what you already know and what you were going to say……
….and you feel hurt.

Why is that?
They are stating facts.
They are saying what I already know, what I see myself.
That’s what it is……….because THEY are saying it.
The words are not my own.

It is hard to hear things about your child however much you know it.
It feels hurtful.
I am not even sure why.
They are the truth.

Maybe I am being defensive.
Defensive because it is my child.
It’s just odd, because I know.
I know my child, I see the difficulties.
Maybe it is because it makes it more real.

It is what I wanted, and needed, to hear to get action taken.
It is what I wanted the school to say, wanted them to have noticed.
It is what we needed from the meeting, but it hurt….
…..because it is my child.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t it strange?

  1. Inspirational, I walk in your shoes every day , it will get better try to give her some gummy beard made from DHEA it work great for Tammy since 5 and it was a 360. Turn around I had purchased it from amway product they are gummy fish I give her 4 a day an I promise you in 6 month that was such a tremendous improvement, try it out an see , I am here if you like to speak I am alway listening to the parent like our children they are amazing and they are our special future god bless you in this tough journey but I am rite by your side with a helping wisdom and guidance if you need one

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  2. I will never say it a cure because it isn’t you are correct AUTISTIC AUTISM is for life , never will they be a cute with diagnosed I am nurse and yes I was in denial thinking she will grow out of this because my physician ag work would tell me she will be fine if you change her diet it will go away NO tried that not true ,I
    Am with you on this battle called


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