Many a time I have heard it said that people with Autism don’t have a sense of humour.

We all know that to be a myth.
Sometimes it may come across that way with joke telling as jokes are usually a play on words that an extremely literal person with Autism would just not understand.

My girl is funny.
She has managed to develop quite a sense of humour.
She loves the silly things, the ridiculous things; the things we sometimes ignore.
She will be the first to giggle at an exploding bottle of fizzy drink, spilt cup of tea, or an accidental bump on the head by a stray football!

She doesn’t understand jokes.
She laughs when we laugh; a fake hysterical laugh.
She couldn’t tell you why she is laughing.
I know when she proper laughs:
She lies on her back with her arms and legs kicking and waving in the air……just like Peppa Pig, her obsession for many years.
Jokes are lost on her. She is far too literal.
My girl is funny because she just says what she thinks. She is so honest, it is refreshing.

Humour is a vital emotion needed as a carer!
The saying ‘if I don’t laugh, I will cry’ ringing true in daily life.
Laughter can help us through difficult times.
Unexpected funny moments happen frequently with my girl and I can’t help but laugh out loud!
I laugh at things she does, things she says, not out of disrespect for her, but because sometimes it is just what I need!
Some things she does are funny because I would never have the nerve to do such a thing myself!

We all have bad days as carers.
Days where the black clouds of stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation hang low over our heads; but funny moments happen.
Humour is needed.

Somedays all you can do is laugh and roll with it.
Somedays a smile is the only thing that can light up the darkness.

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