I love you for being you.

Just a little baby, snuggled cosy on my chest,
I promised I’d be there for you, to always try my best,
To give you all my love, and guide you through the years,
To join in with your giggles, and wipe away your tears.

You cried and cried and cried and cried and didn’t sleep at night,
I thought I couldn’t parent, thought I wasn’t doing it right,
Milestones came and passed us by, I didn’t know what to do,
But one thing never changed, I loved you for being you.

We started down a rocky road of doctors and diagnosis,
Forms and lists, lists and forms, can she do this or this or this?
Maybe she just didn’t want to talk, or point at something she wanted,
Maybe there was nothing wrong and she was just exhausted.

At the playgroups that we went to people said you were behind,
I ignored their comments and thought that they were just being unkind,
I started to see what others could see, and suddenly I knew,
But one thing never changed, I loved you for being you.

It was time to be real and face the truth, to get the help you need,
I told the doctors I needed help and they nodded and agreed,
The doctor said she suspected you had something called Autism,
She told me she would put you on a pathway to diagnose the condition.

Appointments, assessments, lists and forms, it felt like it was endless,
But at 5 years old we were told that Autism was your diagnosis,
I promised you then that whatever happened I’d be there to help you through,
And that one thing will never change, I love you for being you.

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