To whom it may concern,

The fight.
Will it ever end?
Why do we have to fight for everything?
Why does it take so long?

It is draining, frustrating, relentless.
But we don’t stop fighting.
We can’t.
We won’t.

Special needs parenting is a whole different lifestyle.
We haven’t chosen this lifestyle.
We didn’t ask for it.
So why are you making it so difficult?
Why should we have to fight for what we need?

Not want!

I wouldn’t change it, of course, but please someone see sense in the professional world.
Come and live with what we face daily.
Real issues. Real problems.
Our energy is spent on our children.
Our mental energy is stretched to the limit crying out for things we NEED!

I am not afraid to ask (beg) anymore.
I don’t think twice about demanding what we need….
….but you don’t think twice about taking it away.

I am not alone in this fight.
We need to be looked after too.
Many of us struggle with depression….
…..can you see why?

It is hard.
But I won’t give up.
You have picked the wrong parent this time.
I have grown to learn I get nothing without begging.
I get nothing without badgering you, ringing, e-mailing, everyday.
I get nothing without repetitive form filling.
I get nothing without going over and over medical history.

You know what though?
It isn’t even things that my child wants!
It is things my child needs!
Needs to survive, to cope, to get through the day.

The constant battle is wearing me down.
I will not give up.
I am not teaching my child that it is ok not to have what you need.
I am teaching my child to get what they deserve.

We don’t want to be rich, to have 4 cars, an IPad and a pony,
We don’t want a mansion, a butler or a maid,
We want what we need.
What my child needs to get through daily life.
A life which already has so many limitations.

Why is this so hard to see?

I will not give up.

Our Autism.

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