A little fish.

I am a lonely little fish, swimming in the sea,
All on my own, no one notices me.
My colours are not sparkling, my scales are dull,
I swim by myself, but the ocean is full.

I want to make some friends, I just don’t know how,
I can see someone; here they come now.
It is a Shark, sharp teeth to be seen,
His eyes so dark, looking really mean.
Scared, I flap my fins, squeal really loud,
The shark swims away, back into the crowd.

Then I spot a starfish, five arms waving,
I stare at him in wonder, he thinks I’m misbehaving,
My eyes are fixed on all the colours shining on his arms,
It’s like they’re drawing me in, like shiny lucky charms,
“Staring is rude you know”, off he goes to sea,
I don’t understand why no one will be friends with me.

I see a crab sorting out a big old pile of shells,
I swim to him and tell him that’s my favourite thing as well,
I talk and talk and talk about everything I have found,
He doesn’t get a chance to talk or even make a sound.
The crab just scuttles off and leaves me on my own,
I don’t know what I did wrong, I was just talking about my stones.

There is a group of young fish playing a chasing game,
I go join in, “Let me play”, I exclaim,
I chase but then I change the rules, “do this, don’t go there”,
The fish, they stop, they turn around and glare,
Then one by one, they swim away and leave me on my own,
“What did I do? Don’t leave me here, I don’t want to be alone”.

Just because I am different, from everyone of you,
Doesn’t mean I don’t want to, or can’t, join in the things you do,
I just need some guidance to understand how to become a friend,
My Autism has social boundaries, but my love, it has no end.

I try so hard to blend in, but I need you to accept me,
And understand my Autism and help everyone else to see,
That just because I may be different, in this ocean full of fish,
Inside I am the same as you, and I want to make this wish,
That you try hard to accept that being different is alright,
And together we will make this Autism Awareness fish shine bright.

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