Should I, Have I?

My girl has got Autism.
She knows she has it but I have never sat down and talked about Autism.
Should I?

Autism is possibly the most talked about subject in our house.
We have never kept the diagnosis a secret, my girl knows she has it…..
…..but does she know what it is?

My girl is 10 now and starting to see the differences between her and her friends.
She is not at all bothered by it, she is comfortable being who she is.

I have never really thought about sitting down and talking about with her.
Part of me knows she couldn’t process the information plus she absolutely hates talking about herself.

I have been through so many emotions since we received her diagnosis, it has been tough.
Perhaps I don’t want to put her through that.
Maybe I just want her to carry on just being herself…..keeping the Autism just a part of her that she has accepted.
I could admit that she has only accepted the name, and has no understanding of the condition.

She needs to know though doesn’t she?
I mean fully know and understand?
At what point do you do it?
What if she doesn’t want to know?

She knows that she thinks different to us, she is aware of her sensory differences…..she does know.
She knows she is different from her brother, she knows she is different from her friends…..she does know.
But knowing and understanding are different aren’t they?

We have never spoken about Autism being anything other than part of my girl.
She is aware that certain behaviours are hard for us to cope with, she knows that the meltdowns are difficult for us to understand.
She also knows how very proud we are of every achievement, how proud of her we are for coping as well as she does.
She knows because Autism is part of our family….almost a sibling tagging along on our journey.

She will need to be sat down and explained to about Autism at some point. In depth.
She deserves, and has every right, to be involved with, and have the chance to understand her diagnosis.
It is not that we haven’t told her about Autism, she is well aware that is what she has, we just haven’t gone into depth about what Autism is.
Not consciously, it has never been a decision.
It is just part of my girl.
My girl is still my girl.


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