World Book Day.

Happy World Book Day!
It is World Book Day……happy is a term I use loosely.

For over a week we had been preparing my girl for this day.
She finds any change to routine difficult, imagine the anxiety of everyone dressing up as a character and not being able to tell who they are!
My girl was all set to go as Pikachu from her beloved Pokémon.
The costume was ready and she was really looking forward to it.
Until yesterday…..
….some boys told my girl they were going as Pikachu and wearing the same costume.
Arrrggghhhhhh. Cue hours and hours of meltdown, anxiety and anger.
My girl wanted to be a Pikachu and didn’t want anyone to be the same.
She wanted a new Pokémon costume NOW and could not understand how that was not possible…..not matter how much explaining we did.

To cut a long and extremely stressful story short, I managed to fashion together a costume of Ash, the Pokémon trainer, and she calmed enough for an extremely late bedtime!

All dressed up today, my very smiley and proud girl looked fab!

Hidden, and overshadowed, by the stress that every parent faces on World Book Day, is the message.
It is a day to celebrate your favourite stories.
It is fast becoming a day to pretend you like the story of whatever costume you can find.
The meaning is being washed away by the money making high street shops charging us a fortune for costumes!

Books have always played a major role in our family.
Reading stories at bedtime has been part of our routine since the children were babies.
Whilst many children my girls age are going to bed to red themselves books, I am still reading her stories before she goes to sleep.
She is able to read, she can tell you the words.
She cannot read the words however, and then tell you about the story.
It is a complex process to read text and then create the story, and remember the story as the book progresses.
It is one my girl struggles with. Her comprehension is much lower than her reading age.

My girl enjoys stories so I make a conscious effort to read to her every night and I will continue to for as long as she enjoys it.
David Walliams is amongst her favourites recently.
It is such a pleasure to sit and read out loud and watch as her imagination creates the story in her mind.
Sometimes we sit and chat about the characters, sometimes I need to remind her it is not real, sometimes I spend every night re-telling her the story so far….
…it is part of who we are, as a family.

Happy World Book Day.
Go read a book. Take some me time.
Enjoy it……now that the stressful costumes are done!


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