Siblings have feelings too.

Yesterday my girl went to respite so I had a day with my son.
We had to pop into the shops and when we were at the till the checkout lady casually asked “are you having a good day?”
My boy replied, “Yes because my sister is at the childminders”.
The lady looked at me in horror and then said “Oh, that isn’t very nice.”
My boy turned away.

If only she knew what he goes through.
If only she knew…..

I told her that my girl has Autism and my boy has a very difficult time at home.
I told her that respite days were the only days my boy can have my undivided attention.
I told her that whilst Autism can be very rewarding, it can be very challenging.

I am sure she didn’t mean anything by it, but it offended my boy.
It was just a question…just chit chat.
He asked, as we left, if it was ok that he’d said that.
I reassured him that it was fine. I have taught him honesty and to talk about how he feels.
He is not ever to be ashamed of how he feels about life at home….ever.
It is hard for him and I am glad he is brave enough to admit it.

My boy spreads Autism Awareness wherever we go.
He is the first to tell someone my girl has Autism if a situation ever arises.
He is the most patient person I have ever met, and although at times it is hard for him, he loves his sister more than we will ever know.

I don’t want my boy to ever stop talking about Autism.
If it makes him feel sad, or cross, or worried, or happy, I want him to share it.
I want him to tell everyone about the reality of Autism.
I want him to tell everyone about being a sibling of a child with Autism.
It is the only way we can raise awareness.

Siblings go through so much too.


One thought on “Siblings have feelings too.

  1. Yaser ٙØ‚§Ù„:التحدÊث وصل الى الاردن … ظهرت نفس رسالة الانتظار بالبداية ولم استطع ان احمل التحديث من خلال البرنامج ايضاحاولت التحديث في اول ايام العيد فجرا وتم بنجاح …حاولو في اوقات الراحة …


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