We have had a lovely day.

Lovely is an odd word isn’t it?
What does it describe?
What does it mean?

It means different things to different people.
My kind of lovely may not be your kind of lovely.
‘Pleasant or enjoyable’ is the dictionary definition, but everyone finds these things in different ways.

Lovely, to me, means calm.
Lovely, to me, means relaxed.
Lovely, to me, was today.

We started off at the local trampoline park with our amazing friends from ‘The Group’ (a youth club for special needs children and their siblings).
It was lovely. It was calm, it was relaxing.
Surrounded by people who understand the children, we could just let them be themselves.
They could be themselves and not be judged.

We then went to Asda.
Big mistake.
Not lovely.
*erases memory*

The rest of the day was spent at home.
No hiccups, no fights, no meltdowns. (Remember Asda is forgotten about!)
My girl…..who rarely sleeps…..fell asleep this afternoon!

It has just been a nice day all round.
Family time and time spent with friends.
The best kind of day.
Just lovely.


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