The best thing about Autism is celebrating milestones.
We don’t follow neurotypical guidelines of expectations and demands.
We follow the ‘Autism will allow it to happen when it is ready’ rules.

Today I am celebrating friendships.
My girl is very sociable but finds it a struggle to have friends.
As with almost all people with Autism, her social skills are very limited.
Her desire to be in control is sometimes too much for other children.

This evening I found a picture my girl drew.
I have to ‘find them’ as she never allows me to see anything she creates as she cannot bear the praise.
The picture evoked a feeling I find hard to describe.

It made my heart pound.
It made my smile so big it hurt my face.
A lovely warm feeling came over me as if someone was baking a cake in my veins.

The picture was of her and some friends….
….and she drew them!
Communicating through art.
She is happy.
Standing inbetween her friends she is smiling.
Words cannot describe the feeling.
The feeling of knowing my girl is not alone.
See that she is being included and accepted.

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