Us against the world.

When attempts at communication get ignored.
When a clear sentance is spoken.
A clear message is sent.
Instead of being celebrated, it is brushed under the carpet.
A huge achievement washed away with a swish of a tongue.
You can see why the efforts are made are small.
You can see why frustration arises.
If only people understood.
If only people could see the consequence of their actions.
A huge step forward….a massive leap infact,
Then teleported in an instant back to square one.

A day of disapointments.
Not with my girl. With the system.
The whole system is set up to make our children fail…..
…well at least that’s how it feels today.

We are encouraged to talk, be honest, step up and be heard.
Then we are knocked right back down to our hands and knees.
My girls effort to communicate.
My effort to improve my girls life…
….brushed under the carpet with no recognition.
Failed on both parts.
Not listened to, not understood.
We are trying to teach our child to listen and understand in a world that refuses to listen and understand.
A great big cycle of me and my girl against the world.
Communicating to a world that doesn’t want to listen.


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