Hate will never win.

I spend my days afraid for my girls future.
Afraid that she will not be accepted.
Afraid that she will not be independant.
Afraid for her safety.
Afraid for both my childrens safety.
Afraid for the safety of us all.

This afternoons events in London are awful.
Truly, truly terrifying.
My heart goes out to all involved.

The hate in our world is inexplicable.
We were created with the same capacity to feel happiness, fear, anger and love…and to love. And be loved.
To accept others and their differences.
To live alongside one another.
Somedays I fear for the place the world is becoming….the world I am introducing my children to.

I campaign for Autism acceptance, but what chance do I have if we can’t tolerate peoples different views?
What chance do I have in a world that uses violence as a form of control?

What is worrying is that, whilst awful news, it isn’t shocking.
It isn’t shocking because we hear news like this everyday.
It is becoming almost part of ‘normal’.
What is shocking is that it IS happening.

Whoever is responsible for todays attack is a minority mindset.
That is what we need to remember.
It is not commonplace to have people full of such hatred, people intent on hurting others.

I will continue to educate others about Autism.
I will continue to promote inclusion.
I will continue to teach my children that whilst the world is a scary place, there are still many, many, people out there who are accepting, and capable of love.
I will continue to teach my children that hate will never win.
Human life is far too precious.

I am going to hug, cuddle and kiss my family tonight and thank my lucky stars that I can do that.
My heart breaks for those who are unable to.
Life is so short. So, so short.

Hate will never win.


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