Adults have Autism too!

Adults with Autism…..
…yes Adults can have Autism too!
Autism is a lifelong condition.

Autism is becoming more understood,
(Never to be mistaken for more common)
More children are being diagnosed than ever before.

When I was younger, Autism was never talked about.
Inclusion wasn’t a debated subject and children with SEN weren’t seen in mainstream schools.
This meant that we never socialised with the non verbal, more severely affected children with Autism.
How things have changed.

What has become apparent is that a whole generation of children had missed diagnosis.
Autism is a hidden disability, and, coupled with the unawareness/understanding, many children fell through the net.
Fast forward back to the present day; we now have many undiagnosed adults.

Some may be aware they are different, some may have children with Autism and see the similarity in themselves, some may have been given mental health diagnosis, some are blissfully unaware.
None of those are a bad thing, but for those that struggle, diagnosis could open up a whole new world for them.

My friend has just been diagnosed with Autism.
She is a mother of a child on the spectrum.
She decided to put herself forward for assessment due to the many similarities she saw in her child.
I admire her greatly for this.

It is common for people, without a diagnosis, to struggle to fit in.
They have learnt to mask their symptoms, to manage their life, to cope in their own way.
Many have gone on to hold jobs, have a partner, get married and have children.
Proof that Autism doesn’t have to hold you back.

If you have that nagging feeling, why not ask for an assessment?
Imagine being told you have Autism and then finally being able to understand why you experience certain difficulties, why you can’t cope in certain situations….why you feel different.

Support, as we all know, doesn’t follow a diagnosis.
What a diagnosis will provide is a key to access services.
For some, just the diagnosis alone provides comfort…..a security blanket, a reassurance.

My friend has chosen not to share her diagnosis.
She is worried that people will think she got diagnosed so she can get sympathy, get attention, claim benefits, she is worried that people will see her carrying on with her life and people will assume it is the same for her child.
The awful part is that there are people who would think that.

The truth is that the diagnosis explains to her why she is who she is…..
….still a lovely lady,
  with Autism.

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