Autism balloon.

Autism is like a helium balloon,
Floating happily high in the sky,
Smiling up there without a care in the world,
Watching everything go by.

Autism changes, the balloon starts to sink,
Moods change and tempers fly,
Something has changed, it no longer floats,
Watch out everyone walking nearby.

The ups and downs of that balloon,
The joy and sadness it brings.
One minute it makes you cry and shout,
The next you laugh and sing.

If i could put a string on that balloon,
And keep it at an even height,
I would try to make it easy for you,
And keep everything in your sight.

I wouldn’t let that balloon come down,
I would keep it high in the sky,
I don’t like to see you have those meltdowns,
I love to see you happy and fly.

So lets try and keep that balloon up high,
And find out what makes things go wrong,
Lets make this world a bit easier for you,
Lets not keep that balloon down for long.



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