What am I doing?

Someone asked me today what I was doing for Autism Awareness week (UK).
Part of me got offended.
Part of me wanted to shout “caring for my child with Autism!”
Most of me knew they had just caught me in a grumpy mood.

Then I got thinking…..is it my responsibility?
Has it become my responsibility because I have a child with Autism?

I write my blog to promote Autism Awareness.
I write to share a daily insight; the good, the bad and the ugly truth.
I write so people can become Autism Aware in hope that we can promote Autism Acceptance.

Autism is not always a happy place.
I am first to admit that it has its difficulties, we face our challenges….that sometimes we don’t win.
As well as sharing all the good stories, the things my child has done to make me proud, I like to share the ‘darker’ side.
Not for sympathy, not for pity, but for awareness.

It is difficult, extremely difficult, to accept and admit that you struggle with your childs behaviour.
Through our Autism journey I have learnt to do just that.
The stories I was once ashamed of, I now share, so that other families see that they are not the only ones going through the same.
Those families are so grateful.
They have been given a voice. Given a life line.
Knowledge is power.

I cannot promote Autism Awareness alone.
Somedays I don’t even understand Autism myself!
Somedays Autism and I aren’t even friends….
….but I talk about all the time for my girl.
My girl. With Autism. Who has Autism.
I do it for her.

What am I doing for Autism Awareness week?
Trying to cope with extremly challenging behaviours.
Trying to cope with both before, and after, school meltdowns.
Trying to get my school refusing girl into school.
Attending a Challenging Behaviour course in attempt to understand my girl.
Calming a child who is extremely anxious as our car has ‘gone’ (for repair) and we have a (completely different) hire car.
Preparing my child for a huge change in routine as it approaches end of term.
Dampening ongoing anxieties around her teeth.
Washing all her bedding as I will not be able to do it when she is at home for 2 weeks.
….all surviving on very little sleep and counting down the minutes until the Easter break.

What else?
Sharing our daily lives in hope that someone reads, connects, and realises that they are not alone.
Promoting Autism Awareness in hope that one day we will all accept it.


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