What is Autism Awareness?

What is Autism Awareness?
Most people have heard of Autism, therefore haven’t we succeeded in raising Autism awareness?
Some could argue yes, I disagree.

Autism Awareness to me, is raising awareness of the condition, and what it means.
Therefore isn’t it about understanding than awareness?
(Although Autism Understanding week doesn’t sound quite as good!)

I try to raise awareness to help my girl be accepted.
So is awareness, acceptance?
Should it be Autism Acceptance week?

It is a mixture of all of them.
I strive to raise awareness so Autism is understood and accepted.

In a world where Autism is a word almost all of us know, why is it not accepted?
Mainly because it is not understood.
If we come across something we don’t understand we don’t believe it. It is human nature.

What this week is about is educating people with the basics about Autism, in hope that they will want to learn more.
And that by learning more, they will begin to understand, and by understanding they will begin to accept.

So what is awareness week all about?
Is it an opportunity to explain our childrens unique behaviours?
Is it an opportunity to explain why our child may have a meltdown in public?
Is it to educate the public who comment on our parenting or childs behaviour?

If I described our daily routine, the good the bad and the meltdowns, for a week would that make you become Autism Aware?
If I made a list of possible symptoms of Autism would that make you aware?
It is extremely difficult to raise Autism Awareness due to the uniqueness of the condition.
Every single person with Autism is different.
Autism is a huge spectrum condition which varies massively.
The aim of the week is to promote Autism by way of understanding, to gain acceptance.

I want my child to be happy.
To be comfortable in her own skin.
To say she has Autism and not be ashamed.
To embrace her unique traits and enjoy them.
To be able to live the life that she wants for herself.
All this can only be achieved through increasing Autism Awareness.

My child is not invisible.
My child does not look Autistic.
My child is not a spoilt brat having a tantrum because she can’t get her own way.
My child will not be cured if she came and lived with you for a week.
My child would not stop a meltdown if I smacked her bum.
My child does not keep me awake all night because she is naughty.
 My child has a life long, neurological and developmental disability, called Autism, which affects how she communicates with, and relates to, other people and how she experiences the world around her.

She is unique, and by raising Autism Awareness, she will be accepted and her differences celebrated.

4 thoughts on “What is Autism Awareness?

  1. Excellent post. Autism Awareness must lead to Autism Acceptance as a minimum, and that is why in my own blog, having explained my reasons for dissatisfaction with the Autism Awareness tag in my most recent post I shall be taking Autism Acceptance as my starting point.

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