Autism is; getting up in the morning and knowing exactly what is going to happen, but not knowing what is going to happen.

Autism is; planning a daily routine down to the last minute, but not allowing for overload or meltdowns.

Autism is; long, sleepless nights. Endless energy and noise. Loud noise. All night.

Autism is; unpredictable.
The most unpredictable condition I have ever come across.

Unpredictable as the spectrum is so varied that you never know how a child will be affected.
Unpredictable as you never know which behaviours will happen next.
Unpredictable as your social life dwindles as your friends fail to understand your need for help.
Unpredictable as no two children with Autism are the same, therefore there is no ‘normal’ strategy that works.
Unpredictable because just when you think you have found something that works, it stops working and the process begins again.
Unpredictable as your mood becomes unpredictable dealing with the unpredictability of Autism.

Unpredictable because Autism has no ‘normal’.

Autism is; Autism.
A lifelong neurological development condition that affects people in different ways.

Autism isn’t my child, or that 10 page report concluding their diagnosis.
Autism isn’t a word to justify my childs ‘bad behaviour’.
Autism is an explanation as to why my child cannot cope in certain situations and then loses control.

Autism is; still a muted subject.
People still do not know how to reply when I tell them my child has Autism.
No one has yet thought to design a greetings card saying “sorry your child has Autism”, but everything else, we have had.
Autism doesn’t need “Was it the MMR?”
Autism doesn’t need your “sorry to hear that”, your condolences, a leaflet about a diet you have heard that may help, or your pity.
Autism needs a listening ear and a willingness to try and understand.

Autism needs; awareness and acceptance.

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