A day is not enough.

World Autism Awareness Day is over.
I am left wondering if it actually achieves anything.
From my experience, the only people that engage with Autism Awareness are people who care for, or who are close to, a person with Autism.
Is it just me that thinks that or am I not seeing the bigger picture?
Is one day enough?

I am thinking back to my pre baby days.
If I had seen that it was Autism Awareness Day would I have googled it? Would I have gone to the library to look it up?
If I am honest, probably not.
It didn’t affect me therefore I didn’t need to know about it.
I was THAT person.

Every year we write posts, make pictures, bombard social media with articles and information about Autism on April 2nd.
We do this in aim that at least one person will take an interest, at least one person will become Autism Aware.
Is one day enough?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be educating the whole public, perhaps we should stick to the people around us.
Our family, our friends……who in turn would share information with their family, thier friends.
That said, the people that we need to educate are the ones who comment on behaviours, on meltdowns, those who like to give us their ‘advice’……those that have no idea about Autism.
How do we target these people? How do you educate people that do not want to learn?
Is one day enough?

Autism Awareness is everyday in our house.
Every visitor, or person on the phone, will gain a little insight whilst they are here.
It doesn’t stop because someone knocks on the door, or calls you on the phone.
These are the people who need to be aware.
To acknowledge the childs differences.
To accept what is.

Whilst I am very pleased Autism Awareness has its very own day,
Whilst I am glad to participate and share my experiences,
I can’t help feeling I am preaching to people who already know.
People that experience the same and can relate to my voice.

What I would love is that everyone reading something about Autism will have changed their perception about it.
What I would love is for 100% of the population to ‘get it’.
In a world full of so much diversity, shouldn’t we all be accepting of any differences, big or small?

It will never happen.
Autism Awareness will not visit everybody on the planet.
I aim to help my child feel accepted by educating the people around us….
…and teaching my child that those who mind, don’t matter.
A smile always looks the same, no matter the situation……even in Autism.

Awareness, Education, Acceptance.
A day is not enough.


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