Isn’t it odd?

Today was a very good day.
We did good things.

Today we were a family enjoying time together.
A trip to the cinema. A trip to a supermarket.
All potential triggers for the dark side of Autism to join us, but it didn’t.
Today was a very good day.

Isn’t it odd though that no one commented on my girls behaviour?
No one saw my girl coping and congratulated her.
No one saw my girl stimming her fingers at 100mph and gave her a thumbs up.
No one saw my girl rocking back and forth in her cinema seat and praised her for supressing her anxieties.
No one heard her whistling loud to block out the sounds of the supermarket and praised her coping mechanism.
Isn’t it odd?
…..that no one saw that she had a hidden disability?
Not the sea.
Not the sky.
Not the clouds.

No one saw us being a family and enjoying family time…..calm family time.
No one heard the jokes only we would giggle at.
No one came over and said anything at all.
Why though?
Because we looked ‘normal’.
People don’t give us attention when things are going well.
People don’t stop and stare when my child has the giggles.
People don’t comment on the good behaviour.

But. BUT….
….we are different from other families.
We carry a secret.
A secret that no one else can see.
A secret that people don’t understand.
A secret that people like to judge.
Our secret? Do you want to know?
My child has a hidden disability…I know, you wouldn’t know it to look at her.
Guess what?
She doesn’t even include it on her family portrait….
…..because you cannot see Autism even though it is there!
Isn’t that odd?

(A rare family picture drawn today by my girl.
My calm girl.
 For reasons longer than this blog will allow, it melts my heart and I will treasure it for-absolutely-ever ❤).


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