An alternative Easter!

Ok, so Autism doesn’t get the blame for everything.
Sometimes humour is the only thing that gets you through!

Happy Easter! 😂

It is the night before easter, the kids are still awake,
If they don’t go to sleep soon I’ll tell them the easter bunny’s fake,
I’ve asked them to go to bed, and close their little eyes,
And count the baby lambs (that will soon be in pies)
I’ve told them to imagine the baby chicks delivering eggs,
Whilst they are fast asleep in their cosy little beds,
What I really want to say is the chocolate is all mine,
And I want to go downstairs and drink a glass of wine,
Not wait until they’re sleeping to write out bloody clues,
Then hide them around the house remembering whose is whose,
I don’t know why they’re excited, I don’t get all the fuss,
The Easter bunny doesn’t fly in on a f**king magic bus,
It’s just a day for chocolate eggs inside a cardboard box,
Oh suppose I better mention the guy stuck to the cross,
But if my kids don’t go to sleep soon, I’m gonna eat it all,
And wake them up tomorrow to an Easter Bunny nailed to my wall!!


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