Make time.

Do we ever get to know our children?
Properly I mean?
In the hustle and bustle of our busy lifes, faces hidden behind technology, conversations replaced by social media, do we ever get the time to sit down and find out who they are?

We don’t always get time…..
but we always have time.

The days and nights go by so quickly.
Before we know it a week of school runs, packed lunches, housework, bathtimes and bedtimes have gone by.
We have seen our children every day, we have hugged them, kissed them, told them we love them, but have we sat down and played with them or had a conversation?
To be honest, I can’t say I do everyday…..and that’s awful.

Our life is busy.
Everyones lives are busy.
Our house is Autism led.
Constantly on our toes assessing the situation, sticking to routines, tending to meltdowns…..treading on eggshells.
The minutes blur to hours, the hours blur to days.
So routine based are our lives that we have forgotten to factor our children in.
We care for them, we provide for them….but do we forget to get to know them?

My girl has been ill.
She has been home from school.
We have had a meltdown free week and I have had chance to actually appreciate my girl.
I have seen her giggle, I have watched her play, I have seen her get excited, I have heard her ask for cuddles.
Autism has taken a back seat for most part of the week, and without the madness and chaos the school week usually brings, my girl has been mellow, relaxed and approachable.
I’ve left the housework, I’ve spent less time on my phone.
I have made time out of time I didn’t think I had.

We don’t always get time…..
But we always have time.


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