Sensory nightmare.


Noisy, loud and busy places,
Full of people with blurry faces,
Lights too bright, buzzing loud,
Too many noises, too many sounds,
Trolleys crashing, wheels squeaking,
The swish of the doors opening and closing,
Bottles chink, crisp packets rattle,
Children giggle, babies babble,
Tvs flicker, music is too loud,
The food packets each making a sound,
Bright and colour patterned clothing,
Colours merge as it keeps on moving,
The sound of the tills beep, beep, beep,
The overhead tannoy bleeps,
Babies crying, people talking,
Shoes clip-clopping, people walking.
Smells of perfume, smells of sweat,
Smells of bread, of fish that’s wet,
Colours, labels, patterns, words,
Lights that flicker, eyes get blurred,
Queueing, waiting, beep, beep, beep,
People yawning, needing sleep,
Bags that crinkle, money that’s dropped,
The squeaking wheel behind me stops,
Crowds of people packed in tight,
Noise too loud, lights too bright,
People standing in my face,
I need to leave; get out of this place,
Screaming, shouting all around,
It’s all too much, I’ve reached meltdown.


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