A night with Ed Sheeran!

Months of preparation,
Weeks of countdowns,
Days explanations,
Hours of panic….
……Our Autism Mum was going away for a night!

A very lucky Our Autism Mum got tickets for an Ed Sheeran concert in London, and last night was the night!!

My girl didn’t share my excitement, she didn’t want to know.
I tried over and over to explain that I had to go away for the night as it was a 6 hour journey.
I tried over and over to explain that I wouldn’t be there for a night. Just 1 night.
There was nothing.
Just a blank face.

It was me who was most worried.
Our Autism Dad was to be left in charge but that wasn’t what worried me, it was that it was going to be a big change in routine.
If I’d left lists, times and instructions of how things happen during the day, and he had followed them to the exact second, it still would have been different because it was not me doing it.
The consequence of a change in routine almost always results in meltdown.

She knew I was going, she was awake the whole night before I left.
I was so worried that when the time came to leave it would be horrendous.
I left at 5am and she was fine, not at all bothered if I am honest.
She has been a star for her Daddy and there have been no problems at all.
She coped really, really well, I am so proud of her.

When I got home I asked:
“Did you miss me?”
 “Well a bit, I had fun with Daddy.”

How amazing. How truly amazing.
She sure does love her Daddy. ❤


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