Is it me?

Is it me?
Is it all my fault?
Why has my girl been so calm for her Daddy but has been so.on edge for me?
Why has she had constant meltdowns all day?
Why have I been the target of her physical outbursts?
Is it me?

Why has she argued that black is white?
Why did she call me a horrible Mum?
Why has she made me feel like the worst Mum in the world?
Why has she pushed my patience to the very limit?
Is it me?

Is it punishment for me going away?
Is it because her ‘safety’ is back and she is able to vent all her anxieties?
Is it because I left her?
Am I the one that causes her meltdowns?
Is it me?

I try to be a good Mum.
I try to understand and see the world differently.
I try so hard to always be there for her……
….but some days it is so hard.
Some days I just can’t bare to be the outlet for all her pent up frustration.
Some days I feel hurt, some days my patience has wondered off and left me.
Some days all I ask myself is;
Is it me?


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