Disabled parking.

Misuse of disabled parking spaces, something we encounter daily.
It is one of the most frustrating things we have to cope with.
We park there not because we are lazy, not because it is easier to park in a bigger space, not because it is closer to the cashpoint……because we actually need it!
And also we have a Blue Badge, a national recognised system which gives us the priviledge of parking closer to what we need to access.
People find it so hard to understand why it makes me so cross, but until you have tried getting a wheelchair out of your car boot in a normal space, or you have watched your child jump out the car and run into oncoming traffic, you would not understand.

One excuse I have heard on more than one occasion is “I would have moved if I knew you needed the space.”
Great…..so you can’t tell my child has a disability by looking at her, how are you going to tell by looking at my car?
….oh! That Blue Badge…..

That Blue Badge that we treat as if it were made of gold.
That Blue Badge that you have to fight so hard to get.
That Blue Badge that people think are handed out like sweets.
Like everything else special needs related, there are reams of forms and paperwork to fill in, lots of hoops to jump through and lots of T’s to cross before you even get considered.
Again, unless you have been through the process, you would not understand.

People with children who use a disabled bay because there are no parent/child spaces left, people who use the spaces as they are only going to be 5 minutes, people who use the space because they aren’t getting out the car…..
…….please understand how important the spaces are for people who are actually entitled to use them.

Not all disabilities are visable.
All Blue Badges are visable.

Is this what it takes for people to understand?
My girl with her invisible disabilities, invisible to the driver of the car approaching.

She ‘parked’ here after school because she said it was her spot…..
…..and rightly so.
(Obviously I made sure she was safe!)

Be happy…..
Don’t park in disabled spots without a Blue Badge.


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