We are all on the spectrum..

Everyone is a little Autistic, everyone is somewhere on the spectrum….
I hate this.
I hear it so much.
…..so much.
People normally say it once I tell them that my child has Autism.
It makes me cross, it makes me feel like they are not understanding my child has an additional need.
Like Autism is nothing.

I wonder if it is because Autism is a spectrum condition.
Do people assume that the spectrum ranges from not Autistic, to Autistic?
It doesn’t.
Only people with Autism are on the spectrum.

While we can have traits of Autism, we are not all Autistic.
In the same way that we can have a runny nose, but not have the flu or find a few spots but not have Chicken Pox. The runny nose or spots are the traits of the condition, but not the condition itself.

I am a parent of a child with Autism.
I share some of her traits.
I have anxiety problems, I have trouble making friends, I dread certain social situations, I get cross easily at loud noises…….do I think I have Autism?
It certainly would appear so just by looking at my behaviours, but just because I share these traits it doesn’t mean I am on the spectrum.
I don’t have Autism. I am not Autistic.

The Autism spectrum isn’t a checklist of behaviours that you must display to achieve a diagnosis.
The Autism Spectrum is the name for a group of developmental disorders.
Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder.
It contains a wide range of symptoms and severity.
The features of Autism are deficits in social communication and social interaction and restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities.
There are strict criteria to met to get diagnosed, and a lengthy diagnostic procedure to contend with.
No one person can diagnose Autism as a multitude of professionals from different areas need to assess and provide reports.

It is hard work to get a diagnosis.
You can’t get one by thinking you are ‘a bit on the spectrum’, you either are or you aren’t.

You either have Autism or you don’t.


4 thoughts on “We are all on the spectrum..

  1. Oh god, people actually say that shit? I’m used to hearing some variation of “What is normal?” “Normal is relative” or “We’re all a little bit quirky” in reference to autism and I find that irritating enough.

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