We’re home!

We are home!
We have had a fantastic holiday but I am not going to pretend that it was easy!
A week is just not enough.
Not enough time to adapt to the change, to get used to a new routine.

I was on edge the whole time.
In a new place with no locks on the windows, doors able to be opened without the key.
My girl a houdini, no fear of danger, a runner when things got too much.
I was scared!
I shared a bedroom with her…..just incase!

Despite a car full of the things my girl could not cope without, she struggled to settle.
Her own bedding, mountains of bags of soft toys, her brand of bread and cheese, her shower gel….more teddies!
It just wasn’t home, the things weren’t her own.
It looked different, it smelled different.
She coped really well, better than anyone expected.

We survived a week with absolutely no internet!
I was so worried that it would be the catalyst for a week long meltdown.
Suprisingly though, it wasn’t!
My girls obsession with everything wi fi based was put on hold and she accepted it with ease!
We had outdoor time, we had chats, my girl and boy even played together!
It was lovely!

We had lots of days out, things we wouldn’t normally do at home.
We were nervous that my girl wouldn’t cope, that it would be too stimulating, too busy, too much….
…and it was, but it was managable.

We had a lovely week.
A week of family time, a week away from the stresses of school.
A week was just not enough!

We had our ups and downs.
Autism doesn’t go away just because as are on holiday!

Home sweet home.
Back to familiarity.
Back in our own beds.

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