Heavy heart.

In a world full of sadness I lead with a heavy heart.
A head full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘whens’.
Tv, radio, social media full of stories of innocent people losing their lives.
It is heart breaking. It physically hurts my heart.

My girl came home from school to see a dead Blackbird in our garden.
Her heart broke, tears; real tears leaking from her eyes.
Her friend, her best friend, her cat, destroyed her ‘little bird’.
Sadness…..sadness everywhere.
Innocence, pure love, real emotion.

Oblivious to the horrors going on around her, her world broke for the bird.
Her heart temporarily mourning something seemingly insignificant to her life.
Yet something……it meant something to her.
Like all the people suffering in the World mean something to us.

We don’t have to know them, to be close to them, to be anything to them for them to leave a mark on our lives.
We care because our lives are filled with love and we have plenty to share.
We have empathy. Even my girl.

We buried the bird, we said our goodbyes.
A stick marks where it lay.
Her tears stopped, the bird was gone.
In her black and white world all was OK again.
In the real world that is far from the truth.


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