I am not asking people to write me an essay on Autism.
I am not asking that they spend their evenings researching the condition.
I don’t expect them to understand something I will never fully understand myself.
I am just asking one thing….
….please listen to me.

I know my child more than anyone else on this planet.
I see the faces you don’t see.
I see the pain, the fear, the anxiety, the anger…..I see them.
I have learnt them, I have watched them develop.
Subtle movements; the flicker an eyebrow, the movement of a cheek, a look in the eye.
These are not found in books, on the internet or by reading research papers because they are unique to my child.

I am not asking for a miracle, I am not asking you to make things alright for my child.
I am asking you to listen.
Listen to me.

I may come over as an over protective Mum.
You may roll your eyes when you see me coming to tell you something else.
You may think I interfere too much…
….and you may be right…
But, I can tell you things you may never get to know.
Things that only I know.

Listen to me.
I am my childs voice.
My child may be able to speak but the words aren’t always the reality.
The words are not always their own.

I am teaching my child to conform in a world that will never accept difference.
I am teaching my child to conform in a world that will never be understood.
I cannot see the world through my childs eyes, but I can listen.
I can teach in a way my child can understand.
I can teach you that way.
Just listen. Please.

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